What is a photo op?
Photo Ops are professional photos taken with your favorite celebrities with professional quality lighting and camera equipment.

What do I get with my photo op?
You will receive your print shortly after your photo is taken printed on professional (dye sublimation) photo printers on 8x10 glossy paper.

How long do I have to wait for my print?
Typically your print will be ready within two hours from that particular photo op. You can feel free to go back into the convention and then simply come back out to get your print. We will also announce on the @CelebPhotoOps
twitter when new photo op prints become available.

Sound cool, are they expensive?
No, most are around the cost of an autograph.

Can I get my print autographed?
Yes, sharpies stick very nicely to our prints. The price of autographs are not included in the photo op price.

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